January 22, 2010

Chores This Morning …

Posted in Farm, Horses at 3:59 pm by catsinboxes

I’ve been wanting to take the camera with me when I do chores, and today I finally did.

On heading towards our barn, this is the first face I usually see:

Upon going into the barn and opening the back door, both Abe and Ren stick their heads in to say hello and try to snatch a couple mouthfuls of hay.  I was hoping for a picture of both of them, but Charlie decided it would be a good time to chase Ren away from the door.   Abe stayed and socialized:

With Charlie’s interference, I didn’t get a picture of Ren, so I gave up and brought out their hay.

Benjamin and I stayed, watching them eat for a couple minutes.  We saw at least 17 turkeys fly through the woods in the pasture.  I’ve never seen turkeys flying; they are like huge ravens and very silent.  The horses must have heard them because all of the sudden they spooked, and I did get a picture of Ren after all!

Considering that the last few times I’ve tried to take Ren’s picture he has done a wonderful job looking dejected, this picture is a great improvement.  Now all I need is for him to look at the camera!