February 17, 2010

An Interesting Resource

Posted in England, Evacuees, WWII at 4:31 am by catsinboxes

Recently, I’ve been reading up on evacuees during World War II.  The best resource I’ve found is BBC’s WWII Archive.  It has, according to the website, 47,000 recorded civilian memories.  These memories are classified quite well, by region (ie. Wales, Shropshire, Devon) experience (Land Army, Home Guard), event (Dunkirk, The Blitz, D-Day), etc.  Some memories are quite brief, some are a little disjointed or rambling, but many are very interesting and include tidbits about everyday life that you don’t find in history books.

There’s a handy search engine at the bottom of the page where you can enter something specific, like “farm,” if you’re trying to find something on farm life within the region of Wales.

The link to the website is:


Several stories that I particularly enjoyed were:

Recollections of a Wartime Childhood   (Published in three parts, this is a very interesting account of growing up during the War.)

A Day I Shall Never Forget  (It does have a rather dramatic title, but once you read the story, I think you’ll understand.)

The Spitfire (This might be an ambiguous title, the one I enjoyed starts out, “Whilst on evacuation” and recounts the adventure of a little boy and, of course, a Spitfire.)

If You Smell Geraniums (The title intrigued me, and I found the story quite amusing.)

That’s all for now … just one legal note … the above image is the property of the Imperial War Museum.

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