May 28, 2010

Long ago . . .

Posted in Creative Writing, Fairytales at 10:44 pm by catsinboxes

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to write.  One day, when she was about eight or nine years old, she decided to write a story . . .

There was once three princess, they lived in a cottage in the woods.  One princess was very pretty, one princess was very kind, and one princess was very clever.  They all loved each other very dearly and did everything together.  Their names were Jennifer, Jenna and Kate.  One day Kate said Jennifer Jenna lets go pick some wild strawberrys since they are ripe now.  Sow they all went to pick strawberrys, eksept Jennifer who had to finnish combing her hair.  Jenna and Kate said that they would whate for her but Jennifer insised that they start whithout her and she would catch up.

Now there lived a evil ugly goblin in those parts and he wanted a princess to whate on him and bring him his food, and make his bed every morning for you see he was very lazy.  Now this goblin had a mirror that would show him anything, and when he saw that Jennifer was alone he quickly called a wolf that balonded to him and said go and fetch me the princess in the cabin over yonder.

The wolf after he had heard what to do bounded through the woods till he reached the cabin and then began to think how to bring the Princess back to the goblins undergroud cave.  Sudenly the idea struck him, he rushed into the cabin crying Princess, Princess there is a young Prince over in yonder creek drowning at this very minute!

Oh no cried the princess and completely forgot to be cautious (because wolfs are knowed to be sly) bring me to him at whonce!  and the sly wolf led her to the stream and then along the bank and then when she asked where the prince was he answered a little more this way and led her right up to the goblins front door (which realy was a tunnel going straight down) and then pushed her in!

Meanwhile Jenna and Kate where begining to wonder why Jennifer was not coming to help them pick strawberrys sow they both went back to get her and where alarmed to find the cabin empty.

Meanwhile poor Jennifer was terrified at being suddenly pushed down a hole, and tried to scream but the wolf quickly put his paw over her mouth.  The goblin was very happy to see the princess and told her that she must go and make his bed at once ore he would cut her long beautiful hair.

Jenna and Kate decided to go and ask the queen of all the fairies what to do about the sudden disapearance of Jenner.

Jennifer was at that very minute makeing the evil goblins bed, she was very scared since the goblin had threatened to cut her hair.

Jenna and Kate where at that very minute packing up all the things they would need to take along on there trip . . .

At this point, the little girl stopped.  I believe her hand was tired, and she had some thinking to do about what would happen next.  However, like many stories, this one was set aside.  It found its way  into a folder and stayed there, quite contented, until it was found by a much-older girl who decided to post it on her blog . . .

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