September 16, 2010

How to make sure your mom is REALLY up at 2:25am

Posted in Humor, Just Life at 3:06 pm by catsinboxes

~A guest post by my mother

1) Go to bed, downstairs, wearing your footed pajamas at 9:00pm.

2) Sneak upstairs around 9:15 and take off pajamas, being sure to turn zippered leg inside out.

3) Put on your sister’s skort, climb on top of the mound of clean laundry on  your bed, and fall asleep.

4) Get your photo taken at 10:15 when discovered.

5) Wake up when thunder startles you at 2:23am.  Remove skort, retrieve footed pajamas, and enter your mom’s room at 2:24.

6) Stand on her side of the bed whining and crying.  Don’t make any sense.

7) When she wakes up and tries to help you climb in her bed, thrust the pajamas in her face and insist you want them on.

8 ) Sniffle quiely as she stumbles out of bed.

9) Say nothing as she gropes in the dark and thrusts your leg into the inside-out leg.

10) Smile as she struggles to figure out where the other leg is in the pajamas.

11) Grin to yourself at her next 3 attempts to get you into the pajamas.

12) Move to the light of the crack under the door so she can see better.

13) Wait patiently so she can try again to put them on.

14) You know she’s awake when she finally realizes that the leg is turned the wrong way and that’s why the pajamas don’t make sense.
(remember, she was in a dead sleep; it’s possible for pajamas to “make sense.”)

15) Return quietly to your mound of clean laundry and promptly fall asleep; you know she won’t!


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