November 24, 2010

A Note from the Cats

Posted in Humor at 8:57 pm by catsinboxes

We, that is, the cats, have decided that this blog has been inactive for quite long enough.  We happen to know that the blog’s author is in a predicament.  She wants to write a post, but doesn’t want to start it with an apology.  So, after a council, we agreed to write a short note, as a preface to her post.

Though it is against a cat’s principal to apologize or even admit its own misdeeds, we are more than willing to apologize on behalf of a human.  Especially this one, since she is fond of cats.  We will say in her defense that she has been quite busy, working two jobs.  She also will be leaving us shortly.  She seems to be looking forward to her trip yet lamenting that she will be leaving so soon.  We don’t see the need for lamentation though we will miss her a little . . . perhaps.

~The Cats (Willow, Parker, Pickles, & Duncan)


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