December 13, 2010

Some Thoughts

Posted in Books, Just Life, Theology/Christian life at 7:12 am by catsinboxes

I love blogging, but it’s probably hard to tell that from my abysmal blogging habits.  With that in mind, I think I should rephrase my above statement into two sentences.

1)  I love reading blogs, and I love writing my own blog posts.

2)  I’m not a consistent blogger, but I do want to become better.

And so, until I achieve perfection (hah!), please forgive the sporadic nature of my posts.  With that said . . . what shall I blog about?

Well, I was marooned in Minnesota yesterday.  I spent the day being a tad quite lazy: playing piano, watching Sherlock Holmes, and having fun with the high speed internet.

I did read half a chapter of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Great Doctrines of the Bible.  That was very interesting.  It’s on the doctrine of bad angels.  I love the writing style of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  His style is crisp and straightforward, but I think it is engaging.

Today was spent out and about Minneapolis: shopping at Lands’end, Half-Price Books, and spending time with my grandparents.  It was a fun and busy day.

Moving on to a completely different topic; I haven’t forgotten about my Esmerelda Chronicles.  I do want to write more, but I haven’t decided what I want to happen.  Does that make sense?

I could keep rambling on, but I don’t approve of excessive rambling.  Therefore I will conclude for the present.

Adieu, my long-suffering readers!