February 17, 2011

Look at the Snow!

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Two nights ago (that would make it Valentine’s Day!) it started to snow as I was heading home from work.  This isn’t a common occurence in Tokyo, not to mention the fact that the snowflakes were gorgeous, so I took lots of pictures.

Ogawa Station


Looking up the platform

It was really coming down!

Right outside the station: look at all the umbrellas!

Walking up the street . . . lots of snow!


February 7, 2011

Views of the Neighborhood

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A view from the apartment window

A neighboring school

On my way to work each day, I walk down this road

Apartments . . .

. . . and more apartments

There's something special about these parking places; they're multi-level. To get your car (if it's the second or third down), simply insert a key into the meter, and pull a lever.


The spiral staircase caught my eye, and if you look closely, you can see mountains on the horizon.

You don't see this sort of thing in Wisconsin during January or February!


Or this either, for that matter!


The really gnarled looking trees are cherry trees. During April, this is going to be gorgeous!

A street view: see if you can match this with the view from my apartment!

Looking back up the same street

My host family's apartment building is on the right

That’s all for the moment.  I hope you like them!

February 6, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

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Once again it’s the weekend . . . I’ve been in Japan for three weeks now, and time seems to be going by very quickly.  I keep thinking that once I get to the weekend, I will have time to post on my blog.  As you can tell, it hasn’t quite worked that way!

Reading my blog stats, I was intrigued to see that on January 27, I had 19 page views.  What happened?  I’m certainly not complaining!

In the coming week, I’ll be doing a post with pictures from around my neighborhood in Japan.  Besides that, I’ll be posting some posts that I found yesterday.  I was going through my archives, and I happened upon a few posts that I had written but never gotten around to posting.  So, I plan to post them with with notes concerning when they were written!

I’ll bring this to a close for the present.  I’m sorry it’s so short and choppy, but I do want to post something rather than nothing!

P.S.  I’m not out of touch with reality.  I realize it’s Superbowl Sunday and so . . . . . .