Quite Random

If this blog post title surprises you . . . it shouldn’t.  Really, once you consider for a moment, my blog is one long, random string of posts.  It all began with the name: Cats in Boxes.  It was a lovely, rather random phrase that “caught”.  Of course, there is a story behind that, but I’ll save  that explanation for another post.

So, here are three random things that are going through my mind.

~Dates, acts, amendments, treaties, ratifications . . . can you tell I’m studying history??

~When I look outside, I think about how I love spring, even though it’s taking a long time in coming.  Another 6-10 inches of snow are in the forecast; why can’t winter just give up?

~I’ve noticed that I sometimes experience an irrational discontentment that comes when I finish certain books that don’t have an immediate sequel.  Suddenly, all other books are not as desirable, and I find myself wishing for a book exactly like the book I have just finished.  Not an exactly nice habit, I’m working to change that!

Well, that’s all for now.  It’s not astonishing, it’s not brilliant, it’s not clever or witty.  Why do I feel like I’m describing Elizabeth Bennet?

I love Elizabeth Bennet, but that’s beside the point.  While this is a random post and I have deliberately not attempted to remedy the randomness, it is a start, and I’ll be blogging more soon!


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