April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

Posted in England, Just Life at 2:20 am by catsinboxes

The alarm went off at 3:40 AM this morning, Christian radio blaring some up-beat rock song.  I lay in bed and groggily wondered why on earth I had decided to do this.  Then I crawled out of bed, switched off the alarm, and collapsed on the bed again.  I contemplated going straight back to sleep, but I had been designated the “waker-upper”, and I had work to do.  So, after a few minutes, I regretfully rolled out of bed and set about my work.  Feeling sympathetic for my fellow early-risers, I waited till about 3:55 to rouse them.  (4:00 was the designated time we had agreed upon.)

Now it’s 2:22 PM and I’m nursing a cup of strong coffee.  STRONG coffee.  Was it worth it?  I’d say definitely.  The pomp and circumstance, the formalities, the dresses (not to mention THE dress), the horse guards, royal carriages . . . so much excitement.  I loved watching William and Catherine née Kate.  They looked so happy, so excited.  I hope and pray that they will be blessed with a happy, lasting marriage.

At the same time, it made me think about marriage, and what a wedding symbolizes.  “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”  A new life, a new beginning.  I don’t mean to downplay the wedding, but for William and Catherine this wasn’t the main theme.  Oh, certainly this marks a new period in their life together, a lot has changed, but there is nothing new in the relationship.  After all, the couple have all ready been living together.

So while I loved watching an event that is part of history, I reflected that there can be so much more to a wedding.  Despite all the beauty, all the excitement, this wedding did not celebrate purity.  Oh, it celebrated “happy ever after” and “true love” and beauty played a main role.  But think, how much more special would it have been, would it be, if more marriages celebrated purity?

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