May 8, 2011

I know I’m tired . . .

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I know I’m tired when it’s 7:00 and I’m crashed on the couch.  I know I’m tired when the thought of cleaning my room (believe me, it needs it!) seems like way too much work.  I can tell I’m tired when I sit slumped at the island and the idea of doing almost anything is quickly dismissed.  I know I’m tired . . .  when I keep repeating “I know I’m tired”.  Ahem.  So, main scoop, I’m tired.  I think that spring cleaning most of the house yesterday (except my abovementioned bedroom) has caught up to me with a vengeance.  I also blame the espresso I had earlier.  I was feeling wired, energetic, and suddenly most decidedly not.

I’ve been looking forward to the weekend.  I’ve been planning a post, with the confident knowledge that I’ll have time and undoubtably inspiration.  Wishful thinking, but I’ll still attempt it.

~At this moment, life intruded, and I was called away to dinner.~

Now two hours have passed.  First there was dinner, and then a long period of read aloud.  I love reading aloud, and I have a new author that I really like, Edward Eager.   Tonight we almost finished Half Magic: only one chapter to go.

Half Magic has been a very entertaining read.  One of the things I enjoy about it is the sprinkling of allusions to classic children’s books.  The books remind me of a blend of E. Nesbit and Elizabeth Enright.  In Half Magic four siblings have a series of adventures after discovering a magic charm that will give you half of what you wish for . . . so you get what you wish for if you wish for twice of it.  It’s late, so I hope you can get your mind around that!  It’s really quite clever.  For a while the title put me off; how much fun would something be that was only half magic?  How little did I know!

So, if you’re looking for a good read aloud, or a book to give an enthusiastic younger reader, or if you want to read it yourself . . . I definitely recommend it.  I could go on, I love talking about children’s books.  I also love talking about books in general.  I’m reading several very good ones right now.  But that will have to wait  because, as you know, I’m tired!

*Photo taken from Amazon, please forgive the “Look Inside”!  


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