May 15, 2011

While I was cleaning . . .

Posted in Books, Humor, Just Life at 5:07 am by catsinboxes

During a long and productive day of house cleaning in general, and bedroom cleaning in particular, I came upon this note.  It written several years ago regarding Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy . . .

Dear Mom,

I’ve stayed up way too late reading Tess and I just figured out the ending.  (I cheated, for I was starting to wonder, but I kept thinking everything would turn out alright.)  You must have remembered something . . . (Not to reproach at all.)

I guess I’m naive, but I hate stories like this.  I can’t stand the people searching, groping for love.  I think it’s because I know who is ultimately in control, yet in Tess the people like that, no, they’re not even like that.  There’s no true faith, dogmatism, misunderstanding; true faith seems to be only reflected in mocking, childish belief.

I’m rather disappointed, I love Hardy’s many literary allusions, his descriptions, but now I understand why I’ve never met a person who says, “Oh, Jane Austen is very nice and all, but I just love Tess of the D’Urbervilles!”

I’m glad I played scattegories & boggle [earlier in the evening], otherwise I’d be very dissapointed at blowing, no I’ve learned a nice amount, but still, reading Tess instead of doing something else.

I’ll try to be up on time (truthfully, it’s 3 as I write), but I’ll need some rest during the day.

Until then, please forgive me if I don’t rise early.  -And after this I’ll write lots of Jane Austen papers, I love her books and endings.-

Please forgive me if this is rambling, but I wanted to let you know.



I have to laugh, remembering my indignation as I wrote that note at 3 o’clock in the morning.  And it turns out that Mom had no recollection of how Tess of the D’Urbervilles ended!


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