August 25, 2011

Back to Blogging (and school, of course!)

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It’s that time of year, isn’t it?  When I step outside, I can almost smell autumn in the air.  The leaves aren’t changing, but that will happen soon enough, and I’m actually looking forward to it: crisp autumn nights, hints of frost in the air.  Winter is an entirely different matter, but I do love fall.  It’s a time to get back into schedules, to work toward goals, to be productive.

I love summer too, so I’m going to include some highlights from this summer:

“Am I a highlight?”  “Yes, Toby, you certainly are!”

At 14 weeks old, Toby is adorable.  He’s a great puppy, and it’s easy to forgive his occasional silliness and chewing and puddles when he looks at you with his big dark eyes.  I melt.  And his eyelashes, don’t get me started on his eyelashes!  They are the most beautiful . . . isn’t my vocabulary creative?  Still, that’s about what I sound like when I talk to him.  He looks at me happily and accepts it all.

4-H is always a highlight of summer.  The fair went well (definitely one of the hottest on record!), but we all survived.  It was my first year to participate as an adult versus a youth.  It was a bit bittersweet, but I didn’t mind the transition.  Besides, as interim superintendent of the Foods and Nutrition department, I discovered that there are a number of benefits, including a breakfast buffet on judging day!

While the fair was a busy week, 4-H international took up an even bigger part of our summer.

Isn’t that a great family picture?  And note, there is an exchange student.  (Hey Jorge!)  Our family joke is that people are getting used to the fact that, as if 7 children weren’t enough, we often are towing around an exchange student!

What else to highlight?  Seeing familiar faces from Korea and Japan who were here in Wisconsin through 4-H was wonderful.  There are so many pictures to add to that, but I’ll save them for another post.

Add to that a whirlwind of cooking as I catered for a week in July, many hours spent outside with the horses, wonderful days spent with cousins and family, refreshing fellowship and encouragement at church, and you have an idea of my summer.  Now it’s onto fall and school and blogging.  I must say, I’m glad to be back.