September 3, 2011

Why Cats in Boxes?

Posted in Blogging at 12:31 pm by catsinboxes

After my last post, I was ready and eager to get back into blogging.  I thought of any number of creative posts.  The only problem was that I thought of them when I wasn’t near a computer.  This isn’t going to be a post of excuses though or a post updating what I’ve been up to; it’s going to be a post about the blog itself.   Why . . .

Why indeed.  Simply put, I started this blog as a high school student in January 2010.  I loved writing, and I wanted to blog.  So, over the past year and a half, that’s just what I have done.  I chose the name because I love cats, and I thought it was fun.  It also was the kind of blog name that wouldn’t categorize my blog.  I could be eclectic, and the blog would cover it.  Eclectic is just what I’ve been, if you read through this blog.  It began with the intent of covering “Book reviews, history papers, perhaps some creative writing, and a few general posts about everyday life …”  That was good for a high school student, but now I find I’m writing about a little bit of everything.  I definitely am eclectic, which is okay, but I’d also like to be a bit more intentional.

SO . . . with all that said, you’ll be seeing some changes around Cats in Boxes.  I’m not going to outline them, I’m not going to make promises about posts that might not ever appear.  Instead, I’m just going to start making changes ~today!

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