Rejoicing and Weeping

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.  ~Romans 12:15

I hit refresh and start to scroll down on Reece’s Rainbow’s page for Orphanage 39.  I stop.  No . . . I look again.  Yes!!!  Today Duncan is no longer listed in Orphanage 39 . . . He has a family!!!!  It’s so exciting.  First it was Sam and Tyler, now it’s Duncan.  I was thinking of this verse as I thought about Duncan’s new family.  Rejoice with those who rejoice . . . and what a wonderful thing to rejoice about!  Weep with those who weep?  What about that?  That’s becoming increasingly real to me to as I read through the stories on blogs.  Read about children watching as others leave the orphanage.  Read about the emptiness, the longing.

You might ask, how does this affect me?  I’m only a college student, goodness, don’t I have other things to do?  I do, and believe me, I am doing them!  But, when you get involved, when you can rejoice that Duncan has a family, when you can weep for the narrow window of time left to Bernadette and continue to pray . . . It changes you.  It changes the way you look at life.  When you realize that living out the Gospel is a much, much, bigger picture.  When you realize that you (yes, you!) can help.

So, this week, I challenge you: rejoice and weep.  How can you do this?  Renee at But By Grace had a wonderful idea today that I’m going to share:

So here’s my plan- for the next 10 days, I’d like you guys, and anyone you can convince to join you, to traipse over every day to and find a child, any waiting child, who is wearing green, and show him or her some love. I’m starting with Alyssa and Yates, two sweet siblings, and she’s wearing the brightest green jacket I’ve seen. I’ll be putting in $50 as soon as I hit publish on this post, because there’s two kids in that sibling group, and my plan is to give $25 a day, but I’d ask you to give whatever God puts on your heart, or if you’re not a believer, whatever you feel good about sharing.But shhhhhhh, don’t tell Reece’s Rainbow. Just like the mythical leprechaun sneaks around, I want us to do the same. Let’s let everyone else wonder why all the kids in green suddenly have rapidly growing donations! They may notice at first, as it stays in the low numbers, but wouldn’t it be cool to see all the kids in green suddenly have substantial funds? Like something that people would notice and think “wha-huh?!?!?”
I’ll post everyday, at the bottom of my post, who I’m giving to wearing green. If you want to comment and tell me who you shamrocked, then I’d love to know!
I love that sentence; let’s do some shamrocking!

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