September 15, 2012

Dead Leaves and Wool Blankets

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If you have followed this blog, one thing you probably have noticed is that my posts are not predictable.  My blog is eclectic, and my posts timing is equally eclectic.  Part of me would love to be an official blogger with a following and daily posts.  The other part of me, the stubborn independent part, realizes that I could quickly become a slave to my own blog.  I have yet to find the perfect balance, but it is safe to say that you can expect weekly posts from me in the coming months, and don’t be surprised if a couple more posts are slipped in each week.  That said, or rather ‘written’, on to my post!

I love fall, to the point that it is probably my favorite season.  I love spring, but I think anyone would welcome spring after having to live through a Wisconsin winter!  Years ago, I read something very interesting in my British literature textbook. There’s actually a neat story behind that textbook.  Well over a decade ago, I bought this book at our local library.  I was probably about eight, I hadn’t traveled to England, but I already loved England.  And, this book was about ‘English Literature.’

I thought it was wonderful.    Throughout the years, and through two moves, I held on to the book.  Occasionally, Mom would suggest that I probably didn’t need that book, but each time I would beg and plead and manage to keep it.  I reached high school, and mid-way through high school it came the time to study British literature.  We evaluated many textbooks, and guess which one was unquestionably, hands-down, the best?  My trustworthy old textbook!  It was interesting, it was well-written, it was just what I needed.  And, reading that textbook, I was intrigued by the parallel that it drew between Britain’s climate and its literature.  Somewhere else (and I can’t remember where, it’s bothering me!) I read that fall, with its brisk nights, misty mornings, and sunshine in between is the ideal temperature for optimal creativity due to how the brain works.  Interestingly, Britain sees a lot of that sort of weather, and British literature would indicate that creativity has always thrived in England.  In my opinion, it still does, whether from an unfair climate advantage, or a superior literary heritage, British children’s literature beats American children’s literature any day.

If you can’t tell, I love books in general and British books in particular!  And I love fall, and dead leaves.  After this hot, dry summer I even love rainy days.  As a writer, I would say that this weather is perfect for encouraging creativity.  It’s just the weather for brisk walks, cups of tea, horseback rides, and writing or reading anything (within reason of course, there are of course books that just shouldn’t be read).  And as the nighttime temperature drops into the 40s and upper 30s, it is the perfect weather for sleeping with the window open and a pile of blankets (preferably at least one that is wool) on your bed.  My feet are getting cold at the thought of it, but that’s the challenge!  And there’s nothing like finding the perfect amount of blankets (and socks, they’re a crucial component, too), when the general temperature in your room is borderline frigid.  So much fun!

There are so many other things I could write about, but this post is long enough already.  Besides, it is Saturday, and a perfect fall day is calling me outside.  

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