May 20, 2013

Things I Love –and Don’t Love– About Mornings

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Mist in the Morning

Mist in the Morning

Definitely a LOVE here.  It might be the hundreth time, but mist always makes me happy!

The green that follows rain

Green Leaves

It stormed last night, so this morning there is a freshness and greenness everywhere that only follows rain.  And besides all the poetic, natural beauty, there is also the little things to love.

  • Bright-eyed children up at 6:15 and ready to go hunt for bugs
  • A happy golden retriever who’s still dozing & then comes wagging up to greet you
  • Encouraging comment from a FB friend concerning my writing; thank you, Cindy!
  • Birds singing outside (okay, poetic and natural, but whatever, it’s a little thing that I love!)
  • Hungry cats chirruping and petitioning to be fed
  • Happy children –also hungry– back inside to eat and read

What I don’t love:

  • Not being awake until my morning coffee kicks in
  • Being uber-auditory during Bible time:  “STOP shuffling those books in the other room, this instant for my sanity’s sake!!!”
And that’s about it because I really do like mornings, I do!  Even when I’m reading my Bible, and I get to the part in Leviticus 1 where it says –concerning dove and pigeon offerings–
“Bring it to the altar and wing off it’s neck . . .”
I stopped, interested, with a sudden vision of Aaron, dressed in all they made at the end of Exodus, energetically doing-in a pigeon or dove.  Oh, it said “wring off.”  Nevermind . . . I need to finish that cup of coffee.
I love my morning coffee!

I love my morning coffee!

And I love morning blogging, especially with the help of some tea and bagels with Biscoff.
Oh, and I love Twitter, too!

I love Twitter, too!

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