First and foremost, I am a Christian —a Reformed Baptist to be exact. I’m very blessed with a wonderful Christian family, and I am the oldest of seven children with an age range spanning 15 years.    

I love writing, and I love reading. I also love learning foreign languages and (incidentally!) traveling.  Other things I love?  Animals, baking, cooking, spending time with friends, and walking.

I’m a midwest girl, transplanted to Louisville, Kentucky, and I’m slowly but steadily earning a Humanities Degree at Boyce College.  My goal is to graduate college without any debt, and so far it’s going well.

When I’m not writing at my blog, you’ll find me writing for Redeemed Reader, a wonderful website that reviews children’s books from a Christian perspective.

Thank you for visiting my blog; I hope you enjoy it!




  1. Elanor said,

    i come to your blog in search for a small picture for a new avatar for our german Jane Austen forum. My old Avatar was one from Elinor but my age isn’t quite right for this character. So I looked for one of Mrs Dashwood. And so I came to your blog and found one young woman with exact the same liking of Sense and Sensebility. Your desciption of the characters is marvelous.
    And your words about the disliking of Tess d’Urberville make ma “lol”
    Here in german are admirers of english literature a small group but we have our forum to join in our interest.
    If you understand german, feel free to visit this good forum, (look at the link)


    • catsinboxes said,

      Hello Elanor, and thank you for your comment! It’s so good to hear from another lover of Jane Austen and Sense and Sensibility! I’m very glad that you enjoyed my posts. I just finished listening to Sense and Sensibility again, and there is so much about that book that I love. I’m also glad you were able to find a picture for your avatar; Mrs. Dashwood is such an interesting character, very different from Mrs. Bennet! I’d love to take part in your forum, but unfortunately I only know a few words in German.

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