April 5, 2012


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I’m trying to be more consistent blogging, I really am.  The only problem is that, with my eclectic blog, I find myself wondering just what I should write about.  I don’t want to dive into a dystopian book review; I’ll save that for a day when my brain isn’t running on steam.  But, when in doubt, I feel it wise to return to the namesake for my blog . . . Cats.

I love cats.  I love cats because you can’t expect a cat to be obedient.

"Just try and make me listen!"

I love cats because of their rebel spirits; they will sit on the table or, better yet, on any clean laundry they can find.  I love their innate ability to differentiate between cat lovers and cat haters, and how they will love on the cat haters.  Even my cat, my grouchy cat who hates the world in general and children in particular, will turn into a purring sweetheart in the presence of a cat hater.  They just seem to know . . . .

"Would yah quit talking and just feed me???"

And, I love their attraction to boxes.  Hey, that’s how this blog got its name!

~At this point there is no comment . . . Grooming is a very absorbing occupation.


January 25, 2012

A Puppy’s Perspective

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“Toby!” I do my best to sound reproachful. No movement. I try again,

“Toby!!” This time more emphasis and more reproach. Two dark eyes stare innocently at me.

“Toby; you get down right now!” I’m starting to get a reaction. He starts to move, just a little bit. I play hardball.

“You know what Mommy says!” Maybe it’s my imagination, but this tact works. He uncurls and hops off the couch. Then he sashays up to me, tail wagging apologetically, giving me his I-know-I’ve-been-naughty squinty eyes. I can’t help it, I pet him, but still scold.

We’ve had an audience the whole time. Two cats in the midst of their morning nap on the other couch. Duncan slumbers on, ignoring the disturbance, but Kitty-Kitty, ever the social one, is stretching and trying to attract my attention. I can imagine Toby’s thought process. I don’t know what your problem is, look at them! They sleep on the couch all the time! They even sleep on Mommy’s bed. Why can’t I take a nap on the couch now and then, huh? It’s just not fair. I think you like them better . . .

I answer Toby’s thoughts out loud,

“I know it’s not fair, but if we wanted to keep cats off of furniture, they would have to live outside.” And it’s true. Cats are simply cats, and that’s just what we expect. Dogs are supposed to be loyal and obedient and subservient to man. Cats? There’s a reason that Rudyard Kipling wrote in his Just So stories about “The Cat Who Walked by Himself.” It’s just the way they are, and I love them for it!


January 16, 2012

A Big Cat in a Little Box!

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October 14, 2011


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A true fact of life: cats are irrestibly attracted to boxes.

May 26, 2011

Bedtime Moment

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While putting this child to bed, we had a little conversation.

Cowboy:  “Can you sing Zeus?”

Me -blankly-  “Zeus?”

Cowboy:  “Yes, you know at the piano, that book.”

Me -wondering the connection between big purple songbook and D’Aulaires’ Greek mythology-

“Can you sing it for me?”

Cowboy:  “I don’t remember . . . you know ZEUS.”

Me -light gradually dawning- “Is it . .. Oh Susanna, oh don’t you cry for me?”

Cowboy:  “Yes!!!”

May 15, 2011

While I was cleaning . . .

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During a long and productive day of house cleaning in general, and bedroom cleaning in particular, I came upon this note.  It written several years ago regarding Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy . . .

Dear Mom,

I’ve stayed up way too late reading Tess and I just figured out the ending.  (I cheated, for I was starting to wonder, but I kept thinking everything would turn out alright.)  You must have remembered something . . . (Not to reproach at all.)

I guess I’m naive, but I hate stories like this.  I can’t stand the people searching, groping for love.  I think it’s because I know who is ultimately in control, yet in Tess the people like that, no, they’re not even like that.  There’s no true faith, dogmatism, misunderstanding; true faith seems to be only reflected in mocking, childish belief.

I’m rather disappointed, I love Hardy’s many literary allusions, his descriptions, but now I understand why I’ve never met a person who says, “Oh, Jane Austen is very nice and all, but I just love Tess of the D’Urbervilles!”

I’m glad I played scattegories & boggle [earlier in the evening], otherwise I’d be very dissapointed at blowing, no I’ve learned a nice amount, but still, reading Tess instead of doing something else.

I’ll try to be up on time (truthfully, it’s 3 as I write), but I’ll need some rest during the day.

Until then, please forgive me if I don’t rise early.  -And after this I’ll write lots of Jane Austen papers, I love her books and endings.-

Please forgive me if this is rambling, but I wanted to let you know.



I have to laugh, remembering my indignation as I wrote that note at 3 o’clock in the morning.  And it turns out that Mom had no recollection of how Tess of the D’Urbervilles ended!

November 24, 2010

A Note from the Cats

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We, that is, the cats, have decided that this blog has been inactive for quite long enough.  We happen to know that the blog’s author is in a predicament.  She wants to write a post, but doesn’t want to start it with an apology.  So, after a council, we agreed to write a short note, as a preface to her post.

Though it is against a cat’s principal to apologize or even admit its own misdeeds, we are more than willing to apologize on behalf of a human.  Especially this one, since she is fond of cats.  We will say in her defense that she has been quite busy, working two jobs.  She also will be leaving us shortly.  She seems to be looking forward to her trip yet lamenting that she will be leaving so soon.  We don’t see the need for lamentation though we will miss her a little . . . perhaps.

~The Cats (Willow, Parker, Pickles, & Duncan)

September 16, 2010

How to make sure your mom is REALLY up at 2:25am

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~A guest post by my mother

1) Go to bed, downstairs, wearing your footed pajamas at 9:00pm.

2) Sneak upstairs around 9:15 and take off pajamas, being sure to turn zippered leg inside out.

3) Put on your sister’s skort, climb on top of the mound of clean laundry on  your bed, and fall asleep.

4) Get your photo taken at 10:15 when discovered.

5) Wake up when thunder startles you at 2:23am.  Remove skort, retrieve footed pajamas, and enter your mom’s room at 2:24.

6) Stand on her side of the bed whining and crying.  Don’t make any sense.

7) When she wakes up and tries to help you climb in her bed, thrust the pajamas in her face and insist you want them on.

8 ) Sniffle quiely as she stumbles out of bed.

9) Say nothing as she gropes in the dark and thrusts your leg into the inside-out leg.

10) Smile as she struggles to figure out where the other leg is in the pajamas.

11) Grin to yourself at her next 3 attempts to get you into the pajamas.

12) Move to the light of the crack under the door so she can see better.

13) Wait patiently so she can try again to put them on.

14) You know she’s awake when she finally realizes that the leg is turned the wrong way and that’s why the pajamas don’t make sense.
(remember, she was in a dead sleep; it’s possible for pajamas to “make sense.”)

15) Return quietly to your mound of clean laundry and promptly fall asleep; you know she won’t!

September 10, 2010

I spy two feet!

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