May 27, 2010

Preface to the Korean War

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What was the Korean War?  Was it even necessary?  What good came out of it?  After all, it is known by some as “the first war we lost.”

The Korean War marks a turning point in the history of warfare.  It also marks something greater, something that can be lost when looking at it from a 21st century perspective.

The Korean War was not ultimately about Korea, it was about communism.  The U.S. had watched while China was overrun by communism.  It had watched as the Soviet Union swallowed newly formed countries in Eastern Europe.  Communism was rising like a red wave and on June 25, 1950, it surged across the 38th Parallel into South Korea.

And it is here, in history, that the United States confronted communism.  For three years a war would rage across the little, mountainous peninsula of Korea.  A war that concluded inconclusively.  A war that did not have a “victor.”  What was the point, was it even worth fighting for those three years?

There is an answer to these questions, but it is not an easy answer.  In the coming days and weeks we will explore the Korean War, and as we do, we will find the answers to these questions.