June 30, 2017

How It All Began

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Cats and boxes. Cats and their propensity to climb into boxes.  And the blog was named.

In other news; I’m doing well.  Newsy post pending this weekend.

Happy last day of June!


June 11, 2017

Bubble Gum and Pick-up Trucks

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“Want to know what it feels like to be a movie star with paparazzi? . . . .

Walk into a field full of goats; then you’ll know.”

My brother, finishing his observation, went back to petting one goat. I laughed agreement and continued stroking the friendliest of the white goat kids.

One week back in Wisconsin, and life is full of moments like that one.

Reality begins tomorrow with work, and I’m excited about work!  But the moments will continue.

Baby chicks scratching. Golden retrievers playing. Birdsong in the woods. Rain. Storms. Wet grass.  Books.  Books in every room.

And over and around and in it all, the family I love.

It’s funny and interesting how you notice things -after you’ve been gone.

There are so many pick-up trucks in this part of Wisconsin. We have one. I drove it my first day back. I like that truck.

Driving my own car a couple days later, I found a piece of bubble gum, stowed in the door: wrapped, new, and forgotten.

I promptly unwrapped it and popped it in my mouth.

But before I did that, when I first found it, I thought,

this is grace.

This is a tiny, tiny piece of grace and God’s goodness. At least, for me.  Forgotten bubble gum.  Birds singing outside in the woods now the storm is passed. The storm itself, ominous and reminding me of Andrew Peterson’s Dark Before the Dawn.

God’s grace is displayed across the heavens, shouted from the cross, jubilant in the empty tomb.

And, God’s grace is evident in the tiny everyday grace of bubble gum.

I just started reading N. D. Wilson’s Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl. It’s unorthodox. Snarky. Full of wonder.

In his words,

I’m grateful to God for the eyes to see in my head, and for the wildness of the spinning world these eyes see. This world, shaped by His words, can never be tamed by mine. But there is joy to be had in trying and falling short.

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

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October 1, 2015

Happy October

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12046734_10153191217183379_4764429379661823323_nHappy October! Today was a beautiful fall day, and I broke out the fall layering wardrobe, complete with boots, for the first time.  I love this season.  And I love that it’s the first of the month.  A new start, October 1st.  I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for a while, but there’s something about starting at the beginning —so here’s to a month of blogging.  (Yes, I love to make ambitious goals, too!)

I’ll try to post something each day —mostly books but also snippets of life.  Tomorrow will be a snippet, if I can post.  I’ll be making the drive home for a Wisconsin visit. . . . and I’m so ready to go!

Until tomorrow then, dear reader.  —And enjoy the fall quote!


May 18, 2013

Why yes, Granddaddy, I am Scotch

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After shopping and getting many bargains on books yesterday, this afternoon I stocked up on my wardrobe at Nice as New. And after that, we went grocery shopping at Aldi. I’m already looking forward to shopping at Aldi once I’m on my own down in Louisville; the prices are great! Am I Scotch? Absolutely!!!

(And you might note the order I bought things reflects Erasmus’ priorities: books first, then food and clothes. I’d say the latter two are interchangeable!)

April 4, 2013

Morning Laugh

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January 16, 2012

A Big Cat in a Little Box!

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December 9, 2011

Cats and Box

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I’m having fun watching the drama of two cats, one fat and easy-going, one young and peppery, both playing with a very flat box.

September 6, 2011

Crazy Tuesday

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On the road with my mom, five younger siblings plus a puppy; I’m a bit unsure what to blog about! I’m not in the right mind frame for a movie review or something very creative, especially since I’m using my iTouch to write this post!

It’s been a crazy day with errands to run, piano lessons to attend, the house to straighten up, and a host of other little things that all contribute to the general busyness of the day.

Said puppy is now sleeping with his head on my lap. I’m anticipating a drool spot!

That’s all for the moment and I’m going to sign off; an audiobook is coming up . . .

April 19, 2011

Quite Random

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If this blog post title surprises you . . . it shouldn’t.  Really, once you consider for a moment, my blog is one long, random string of posts.  It all began with the name: Cats in Boxes.  It was a lovely, rather random phrase that “caught”.  Of course, there is a story behind that, but I’ll save  that explanation for another post.

So, here are three random things that are going through my mind.

~Dates, acts, amendments, treaties, ratifications . . . can you tell I’m studying history??

~When I look outside, I think about how I love spring, even though it’s taking a long time in coming.  Another 6-10 inches of snow are in the forecast; why can’t winter just give up?

~I’ve noticed that I sometimes experience an irrational discontentment that comes when I finish certain books that don’t have an immediate sequel.  Suddenly, all other books are not as desirable, and I find myself wishing for a book exactly like the book I have just finished.  Not an exactly nice habit, I’m working to change that!

Well, that’s all for now.  It’s not astonishing, it’s not brilliant, it’s not clever or witty.  Why do I feel like I’m describing Elizabeth Bennet?

I love Elizabeth Bennet, but that’s beside the point.  While this is a random post and I have deliberately not attempted to remedy the randomness, it is a start, and I’ll be blogging more soon!

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