Quite Random

If this blog post title surprises you . . . it shouldn't.  Really, once you consider for a moment, my blog is one long, random string of posts.  It all began with the name: Cats in Boxes.  It was a lovely, rather random phrase that "caught".  Of course, there is a story behind that, but... Continue Reading →


Look at the Snow!

Two nights ago (that would make it Valentine's Day!) it started to snow as I was heading home from work.  This isn't a common occurence in Tokyo, not to mention the fact that the snowflakes were gorgeous, so I took lots of pictures.  

Arrival in Japan

I often read in books about people waking up and suddenly remembering that they're in a new place. I was always rather skeptical of such an experience . . . until today. This morning I woke up and lay in bed. Without opening my eyes, I knew where I was (in my room in Wisconsin)... Continue Reading →

On my way . . .

I'm writing this in O'Hare airport.  Soon I'll be getting on my plane and heading toward Japan.  In the past few weeks I've been so busy, but the lines of one of my favorite hymns has been going through my head. "Hither to thy love hast blest me, Thou has brought me to this place,... Continue Reading →

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