When a Book Lover meets a Book Lover

I stepped into a bookstore today. Being a book lover and also a C. S. Lewis lover, I noticed a C. S. Lewis book in the recent releases and was headed toward it, when an employee distracted me . . .


Snowbound with Station Eleven and Jane Austen

It snowed this week, quite impressively for Louisville, blanketing the city and wreaking havoc on roads, schools, and schedules. ; I didn’t complain when my quiet weekend was extended by one day. (Though I did frown at my nearly-empty carton of eggs.) As the snow fell outside, I made hot tea and settled down to... Continue Reading →

Monday . . .. mmmmmm?

Brainstorming for blog posts is not recommended, while lying in bed --sleep apprehended. Tomorrow is Monday, Monday what? I need an m-word that just hits the spot! Mundane . . . morning . . . mayhem . . . none good though some are true. Alliteration’s clever but can be hard to do! I went... Continue Reading →


~A post for Project Fairytale  Back on a day when the internet was working and not being patchy and slow, I was searching our library website for different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.  This title caught my attention since firstly, it didn’t contain some form of “Jack” in the title, and secondly, it was... Continue Reading →

Is This Fun or What?

  Thanks to a Facebook friend, today I was made aware of a bookshelf I would like.  In addition to one that has an attached stepladder.  . . .  I've wanted one of those ever since I first saw one on *cough* Beauty and the Beast. I love this shelf because it's a reminder to... Continue Reading →


Camp didn't allow much time for summer reading, but I worked my way through this book over the summer and finally, last night, I  finished it.  It was an excellent read.  Moore to come shortly, in the form of a review.  (Please tell me you caught the pun!)

Thoughts on The Hunger Games

I must admit that I have a hard time liking Katniss Everdeen.  That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  Suzanne Collins has created a series that is hard to put down.  But she has also created a series, a setting, and a cast of characters that presents many questions:... Continue Reading →

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