I'm trying to be more consistent blogging, I really am.  The only problem is that, with my eclectic blog, I find myself wondering just what I should write about.  I don't want to dive into a dystopian book review; I'll save that for a day when my brain isn't running on steam.  But, when in... Continue Reading →


A Puppy’s Perspective

"Toby!" I do my best to sound reproachful. No movement. I try again, "Toby!!" This time more emphasis and more reproach. Two dark eyes stare innocently at me. "Toby; you get down right now!" I'm starting to get a reaction. He starts to move, just a little bit. I play hardball. "You know what Mommy... Continue Reading →

Cats and Box

I'm having fun watching the drama of two cats, one fat and easy-going, one young and peppery, both playing with a very flat box.

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